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Call us for a free initial consultation. You will get a reliable, experienced team member that is always careful, courteous, and considerate. We understand that the contents of a home accumulated over time are full of memories. We know how tough it is for people and their families to seek help. We also know someone’s belongings are not all junk and that eliminating the clutter and even trash is sometimes difficult or emotional. We can help! You’ll have peace of mind in knowing you made the right call.


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What Is Hoarding?

Hoarding is characterized by a compulsive need to collect objects regardless of their purpose or value. If you are concerned with a loved one’s collecting habits, use this document to gauge the situation. Hoarding can be characterized as a mental health condition, SO cleaning up a hoarder house takes kindness and compassion.

The Junk Guys - Hoarding Checklist

  • If you are worried about who to call, we have over ten years of extensive experience in helping people that may be considered
    hoarders, pack rats or as we like to refer to them as “collectors”.
  • If you know of someone that may be at serious risk in his or her home, contact us. There is no shame or embarrassment, and
    you can trust that we will treat your family and the contents of the home with respect and dignity.
  • The initial cleaning of a hoarding home is very unique and we will cater to each client’s individual needs.
  • We are fully licensed, insured and carry WCB. All of our staff are well experienced in entering homes where circumstances may
    be difficult.
  • We can provide upfront pricing covering an all-inclusive scope of getting the property to whatever state you choose to reach.

*We have experience in working with the city, county, and social housing officials for mandatory clean-outs. When our clients are facing crisis situations, we can help!. We understand what needs to be done to keep people in their homes.