Specialized Waste Handling & Site Clean Up

Have an out-of-the-ordinary project?

We specialize in oversized item extraction and removal including hot tubs, decks, rooftop satellite dishes, and oversized appliances. If it’s a tough job, we’re the team to call.

Are you a Property Manager or own rental property? Do you constantly deal with abandoned suites full of junk? Dumpster areas constantly have mattresses illegally dumped beside them, or garbage littered all over the place. Consider us as an add-on to your maintenance contractors.

We can usually be on-site within 24 hours and get the unsightly items gone and even food waste swept and shovelled up.



Quick Service, Courteous Employees, Fair Price..... This was the 4th time I have used the Junk Guys. I would recommend them for any size job.
John Wywrot
This team does amazing work! We've used them several times for different projects. They are efficient and so pro.
Kari Skelton
First experience with The Junk Guys, very fast and accommodating, prices were inline with other removal services. Highly recommend them.
Trevor Chizen
What a great service. These guys removed our hot tub in less than an hour. I would recommend to anyone.
Kim Smith
I was in need to dispose of 3 tables that were pretty large to carry. A small work out bench, and even a computer chair all for 160. Amazing price and was super quick. Very nice work done and do recommend.
Trustworthy company. Great prices, super reasonable. Unbelievably fast as well. called yesterday for a quote and my stuff is already gone. They are a great business with great customer service. Thanks guys.
Ashley Ann
Great guys... quick, professional and clean.
Senaka Hippola
Thanks again for finishing in the condo today so quickly! Everything was perfect. Our Property Manager assistant said that she was impressed with how clean you left everything. I have already passed along your company's name to my family. My dad says that he will probably use you guys for clearing out stuff from his garage


It is not necessary for you to be present during yard waste removal, although you are welcome to be there if you prefer. Our team is experienced and can complete the removal process efficiently and professionally without your presence. If you won’t be available during the scheduled appointment, you can provide us with specific instructions in advance, and we’ll ensure a smooth removal experience.

Bagging or bundling the yard waste is not required before The Junk Guys arrive. Our team is equipped to handle loose yard waste and will take care of bundling or bagging it during the removal process. However, if you prefer to bag or bundle the waste beforehand for easier collection, you are welcome to do so.

Absolutely! The Junk Guys have the capacity and expertise to handle yard waste removal, regardless of the volume. Whether you have a small residential yard or a larger commercial property, our team is equipped to efficiently remove large volumes of yard waste. No job is too big or too small for us.

Yes, The Junk Guys come fully prepared with all the necessary tools and equipment for yard waste removal. You don’t need to worry about providing any tools or equipment; we have you covered.

The Junk Guys specialize in the removal of various types of yard waste, including branches, leaves, grass clippings, tree stumps, shrubs, and other organic materials. We understand that yard waste can accumulate throughout the seasons and can become burdensome to handle on your own. Our team is equipped to efficiently remove and dispose of all types of yard waste, leaving your outdoor space clean and clutter-free.

Yes, The Junk Guys clean up the area after removing the yard waste. Our team ensures that any debris or residual waste is properly gathered and removed, leaving your outdoor space clean and tidy.