Estate Cleanouts

We can help you get the estate cleaned up to sell.

An example of a large 4 bedroom acreage property 20 minutes outside of Edmonton: The executor requested that the interior and exterior of the property be cleaned up and cleared out entirely in preparation for sale. The estate required all the contents – Appliances, all furniture, mattresses, shelves, tables, linen, clothes, books, plates, food etc. removed. Along with carpets removed, damaged hardwood and all curtains.

The second stage of the estate clean up involved exterior aspects including removing all yard equipment, workshop contents, and large machinery. The home’s gutters and backyard were thoroughly weeded, pet waste and random bricks removed, grass trimmed, trees cut and made into a neat, presentable condition.

The Junk Guys are capable of re-setting a property to a sellable condition. The standard of our work will ensure a presentable property to prospective buyers. We guarantee a significant change to the property’s appearance and value.