About Us

We Beat Competitors Prices Because We Want Your Business!​

The Junk Guys is a story of necessity inventing a business opportunity. The owner had rental properties and tenants who would
always leave stuff behind when they moved out. It was constant. “I had to buy an old Ford pickup truck to deal with it all”. Then,
friends would also call and ask me to haul away their junk all the time. We noticed a need in the community and built on that. Now
in 12 years, we’ve served over 15000 local property management, real estate, school board, government, household, and specialized
clients in the greater Edmonton area. We always tell our customers, “If you need it gone, consider it done.”

Our Four Divisions


Demolition is not always an easy and straightforward process, so it’s best left up to experienced professionals leaving you with a clean a slate and zero hassle

Junk Removal

We provide removal of all types of debris, garbage, trash, rubbish and junk from appliances, furniture, garbage, mattresses, decks, fences, scraps, building materials and more.

Waste Management

We have vast experience in removing ALL CONTENTS both interior and exterior. Our specialty is BIG JOBS and making them happen in a timely manner.


We segregate all the recyclable items such as metal, wood, plastics, electronics and dispose of at dedicated recycling facilities.