Mattress Removal

We Do All The Lifting And Loading!

We are fully insured and have been serving Edmonton and area customers for over 10 years. Our crew will show up on time and provide a free, no-obligation estimate and can get your mattress and anything else removed today.

Mattress Removal


  • Single Set (Box Spring and Mattress) $100
  • Queen Set (Box Spring and Mattress) $120
  • King Set (Box Spring and Mattress) $150


Additional Details

Bed Bugs Furniture Disposal

Nobody likes bed bugs in their furniture! We specialize in removing Bed Bug-infested beds. Our professional team brings the equipment, PPE, and disposal procedures to ensure the safety and cleanliness of the disposal process. We wrap, seal, bag, and dispose of your infested furniture so which limits the chance of cross-contamination. Get rid of your bed bugs permanently.

Our bed bug furniture removal team will get rid of all your infested items, including:

  • Bed Bug Infested Mattress Removal
  • Bug Infested Bed Removal
  • Bed Frame Disposal
  • Box Spring Disposal
  • Headboard Disposal
  • Bed Bug Couch and Sofa Disposal
  • Chair, Dresser, and Nightstand Disposal
  • Carpet Removal
  • Any Other Bed Bug-infested Items

Residential, Commercial, Hotel Junk Removal & More

We serve hotels, remote work camps, single-family residential, and apartment buildings. You name the location and how many, we can take care of it all.