Office Cleaning Checklist From Clutter Professionals

Having a decluttered workspace facilitates a plethora of positivity when it comes to working efforts and employee health. Clean office space can make a huge difference in your productivity at work. Making sure your office space is clean is a great way to promote optimal health in a work environment as well. When you keep everything organized, you minimize the stress of searching for that one phone number, or that certain sheet of paperwork you know is somewhere on the desk. There is no better time to get started than right now, so follow this checklist to clean like a pro!


Get rid of any garbage

Throw out that coffee cup from last week and those wrappers on your desk. Don’t forget that hidden one behind your files! Throwing out garbage in your workspace likely won’t take more than five minutes but it will make a huge difference already. Don’t focus solely on the desk space either, take that garbage all the way out to avoid it piling up.


Take everything off your desk and clean it with a proper cleaner

Remove everything from your high touch desk surface and get out the cleaner! You touch your desk every single day and germs can find their way just about everywhere. When you clear your desk and completely disinfect and clean, you remove the germs that might be hiding.


Organize your papers

Go through each sheet of paper lying around. Are there papers that can be recycled? Others that need to be filed? That report from last month you have been looking for, for an eternity? You can create or appropriately file away loose sheets to clean up the space. Part of organizing is making sure you have the right storage. Try installing wall shelves for books and buying desk organizers for those loose papers.


Clean the floor space

Vacuuming the floor will get rid of any dirt or dust that has accumulated. Make sure you lift up wires and get under other furniture for a complete clean. While you’re vacuuming the floor, dust off any shelves or computer screens. If you have hard floors and no carpet, it might be time to bring out the mop, too!

Cleaning your office thoroughly at least once a month can limit the amount of time you will spend on other occasions and can make the working experience a more enjoyable one. Maybe your entire office could benefit from a deep office cleaning. If that’s the case, you may want to talk to The Junk Guys. Our team specializes in junk removal in Edmonton and can help dispose of large amounts of clutter. Call our junk removal team today and get started with a clean environment!