Have an out of the ordinary project?

We specialize in oversized item extraction and removal including hot tubs, decks, roof top satellite dishes and oversized appliances. If it’s a tough job, were the team to call.

We’ve had clients call us to ask if we can:

  • “Pull out sunken semi trailers?” - Yes, we can do that.
  • “Remove a a frozen hot tub?” - Yes, we can do that.
  • “Remove an old rotted out camper or RV?” - Yes, we do those all the time!
  • “Remove 500 feet of 8 inch copper wiring?” – We’ve never done that but yes we can cut it and get it removed.
  • “Can we use a crane to drop a 500 gallon water tank onto one of your trucks?” – Yes, absolutely.
  • “Can you guys remove scattered debris from a 32 acre site?” – Yes, we can definitely handle that.
  • “Can you guys trim and remove around 250 trees?” – Yes, we can do that.
  • “We’ve got a hundreds of pallets and spools that we need removed, can you guys process that?” – Yes, we do that all the time.
  • “We're a hotel with an entire floor of bed bug contaminated mattresses, can you remove them all?” - Yes, we do that all the time.
  • “We've got an old style Satellite Dish on our back yard and another on our home. Can you remove them?” - Yes, we love doing those!
  • And so on... If you need it gone, we're the team to call. Call us today!

From multi acre site debris removal, to extracting sunken semi trailers, The Junk Guys can handle your large, difficult projects.

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