Making Leduc an Eco-Friendly Community

Leduc is listed as Canada’s 6th friendliest community, but when it comes to environment-friendliness, the city has some rethinking to do. While measures have been taken to move towards sustainability, there’s still a long way to go for Leduc to truly become an eco-friendly community.

This especially has to do with waste disposal and management techniques employed in the area. Lack of sufficient and adequate waste removal tactics have withheld proper collection and recycling of junk items from households and businesses. As a result, numerous recyclable junk items get sent to landfills instead of being repurposed or upcycled.

So, how can Leduc’s growing garbage problem be tackled? What’s the best way to go about when it comes to removing unwanted junk and wastage from homes, businesses, and other commercial sites? Better yet, how can waste removal be dealt with in an eco-friendly way that helps minimise the environmental impact?

Enter: The Junk Guys.

As a well-established junk removal service based in Edmonton, we serve the areas within and near the Edmonton Metropolitan Region. This includes the city of Leduc, which is located south of the provincial capital of Edmonton.We employ the most eco-friendly and sustainable practices to ensure that all types of junk items and wastage are handled expertly. In fact, we recycle up to 60% of the waste items we collect. These are then sent to certified waste management facilities in Canada for repurposing and recycling.

There’s no denying that Leduc has a bit of a junk removal problem. The piles of garbage seem to be growing bigger, be it those accumulated in households or on commercial sites. Having been in the waste management industry for more than a decade, we have just the right amount of experience and expertise to handle this wastage safely. We’ve crafted and perfected our junk removal methods and strategies over the years to devise a waste removal plan that’s both effective and efficient. This has helped us contribute to the prevention of the ongoing ecological crisis, while also ensuring that our clients don’t have to lift a finger.

We also specialise in small-scale demolition services. Whether you want to remodel your kitchen, tear down the garage space, or demolish a retail store or warehouse, we’ve got you covered! We’re not picky about the type and size of the junk removal or demolition projects we work on. In fact, with The Junk Guys, you can get help with:

  • Junk Removal
  • Bin Rentals
  • Demolition services
  • Mattress Removals
  • Hoarding
  • Estate Cleanouts
  • Specialised Waste Handling and Site Cleanups

Whether you’re looking for commercial junk removal and demolition services or one that specialises in residential waste removal services, we offer it all. Our team has worked with homeowners, realtor services, landlord services, property managers, and business owners.

The best part? Our prices start as low as $100!

To learn more about our junk removal and demolition services, get in touch with our team now. You can call us at (780) 695-4226 or drop us an email at

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