Demolition Services in Gibbons

Located in central Alberta, Gibbons is a bustling residential area with a population of over 3,000 individuals. Drive through the different neighbourhoods and you’ll see various construction or demolition projects taking place all around town. With the infrastructural demands changing rapidly, both residential and commercial establishments have seen their fair share of urban development.

Are you looking for a demolition service for your remodelling project? Hire demolition professionals for the job!

When it comes to demolition projects, it’s best left to experts who’ve been in the business for a while. Lucky for you, our team at The Junk Guys has both the experience and expertise to handle any type of demolition job tactfully. Our demolition services come in handy if you’re building a structure from scratch. We can help in levelling the land and clearing it of any junk items lying around in the area.

The Junk Guys is a professional junk removal and demolition service based in Edmonton. We deal with both residential and commercial projects and can get the job done on time as well as on budget. Our demolition crew specialises in demolitions of smaller projects such as garages, patios, and sheds, as well as commercial establishments that include warehouses, street structures, and office floors. We’ll carefully tear down the designated space following safe and effective measures, and will clear away the debris once we’re done.

Demolition services aren’t our only forte. We also provide comprehensive waste removal services to the residents of Gibbons. The Junk Guys has been in the waste management industry for over a decade and follows effective practices to remove unwanted junk items.

Our methods are eco-friendly and sustainable, helping minimize the ecological impact that’s otherwise made by junk removal strategies. In fact, we recycle up to 60% of the junk items we collect! These are transported to certified waste management facilities in Canada, where they’re repurposed or recycled.

When you hire the team at The Junk Guys, you can avail the following services:

  • Junk Removal
  • Bin Rentals
  • Mattress Removals
  • Hoarding
  • Demolition services
  • Estate Cleanouts
  • Specialized Waste Handling and Site Clean-ups

Our junk removal and demolition experts are equipped to handle any type of project, irrespective of its nature or size. This gives our team an edge over our competitors. Not to mention, our services are also budget-friendly with prices starting at as low as $100!

Whatever your specific residential or commercial waste removal concerns may be, we assure you we can handle it. Our experts will work closely to devise and implement customized strategies for your particular project to ensure the best possible results. Whether you require our demolition services or need some junk removed from your premises, The Junk Guys is who you call!

 So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our team for your demolition or junk removal project in Gibbons now by calling us at (780) 695-4226 or emailing at

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