residential property

The garage is one of the few standalone structures in a residential property. This makes them easy and inexpensive to demolish. You don’t have to re-plan and redesign the entire house, and you definitely don’t have to relocate for a couple of days while it happens.

However, the final cost of the project still needs to be taken into account, since it depends on a number of factors.

Here are some of them:


The location of your garage

The location of your garage plays an important role in how much demolition will cost. If it’s close to landscaping structures or obstacles—like stumps—it’ll be harder to demolish it. In this case, the company will charge you more.



Every garage is composed of different materials. If yours is made of wood, it’ll be a lot easier to demolish, and therefore, the final cost will be lower. Similarly, if the structure is predominantly mental and concrete, the task will be costly. This is because concrete and metal demolition take up more effort, time, and equipment. The company might even have to acquire additional equipment on a rental basis.

Moreover, if your garage is anchored to a concrete slab or is wired for electricity, demolition gets decidedly more complex. Wiring needs to be disconnected prior to the process, and you need to bring on a professional electrician for this.



Before getting on to the project, ask your demolition service to inform you about any permit requirements, if any. In most of the cities, you need a special permit to get any structure demolished. The rates to acquire the permit differ from one jurisdiction to another. The law applies to Edmonton as well.

Ideally, the demolition service should handle the permit process on your behalf. Just make sure you’ve spoken to them about the process beforehand. If they refuse to do so, consider it a red flag and look for another option.

If the company is handling permit expenditures, it’ll inevitably reflect in the demolition cost and raise the total amount.

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