Is it worth it to hire a company for my garage demolition & removal?

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Is it worth it to hire a company for my garage demolition & removal?

Hiring a company for garage demolition and removal can be worth it for several reasons. Firstly, professional demolition companies have the experience, expertise, and equipment to safely and efficiently remove your garage, reducing the risk of injury or damage to your property. They will also handle all necessary permits, approvals, and disposal of the debris, saving you time and hassle. Secondly, professional companies follow all environmental and safety regulations, protecting you from potential legal or environmental issues. Finally, a professional company will complete the job in a timely and efficient manner, ensuring that your property is returned to its original state as quickly as possible. While it may cost more than doing it yourself, hiring a professional company can provide peace of mind and save you time and effort, making it worth the investment.
Garage Demolition and Removal
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We specialize in Small Scale Demolition: From tile flooring to basements, tenant improvement, retail store demolition to warehouse selective demolition including garages and mobile homes, we’ve done hundreds of demolition and deconstruction projects. On time, on budget and ready for the next contractor.

Junk Removal

We’ve been in the waste management business for over 15 years, and have plenty of experience removing all kinds of unwanted junk. From appliances including fridges & stoves, garage clean outs, furniture, piles of dirt and hot tubs -we handle it all.

Waste Management

Have an out of the ordinary project? Something you may not be sure how to get rid of? We specialize in all sorts of challenging projects. We handle all sorts of things like oversized item extraction, satellite dishes, oversized appliances, piles of dirt or concrete. If it’s a tough job, we’re the team to call.



A lot of us try our best to recycle responsibly but the bottom line is that if it doesn’t pay, save money or is convenient to recycle whichever product it is- it doesn’t happen. We do it anyway. We put in the time and effort to make sure everything is recycled properly. Everyone on our team has kids, and we’re committed to doing our part to try and make the future better for them, doing what we do.


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