Hoarding FAQs

While we don’t directly offer storage services after a hoarding clean-out, we understand the importance of finding suitable storage solutions for your belongings. We’re more than happy to recommend storage options or connect you with reliable storage providers in the area. Just reach out to us, and we’ll help you find the right solution for your needs.

No, we do not work with professional organizers during the clean-out process. Often we are contacted by family or friends to arrange a date and time to pick up and dispose of the unwanted items.

When we pick up unwanted items we will either toss or recycle them depending on the item. We also try to donate anything that we can if it is in good condition. Reach out to the Junk Guys for your hoarding cleaning services.

We understand this is a difficult and expensive process, so we try to make it as affordable as possible. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about discount availability.

Yes, we can give you an estimate for cleaning up your hoard. We have staff who have done this before and know how long it will take. They will also know how much it will cost for labor, materials, and anything else needed to get rid of the hoard.

No, the only service that The Junk Guys provides for hoarding clean-out services is the pick up and disposal of any unwanted items you might have.

The Junk Guys will come and remove and dispose of any unwanted items from a hoarding cleanout. We know that you might be attached to some of the things in your home, so we will try to respect your feelings while getting rid of everything as quickly as possible. And if you are not happy with our services, just let us know, and we will make it right.

During a hoarding clean-up, multiple items can be removed – ranging from trash and debris to furniture, appliances, household goods, and personal belongings that are no longer necessary or desired.

We can offer a free quote for how much it will cost to pick up and dispose of unwanted items. During this quote, we will discuss the scope of your project and provide you with an accurate quote. We will also answer any questions or concerns that you may have about the process. We aim to ensure that you are fully informed and comfortable with every service aspect before we begin.

A hoarding clean-out usually takes a few days to a few weeks. This depends on how much stuff is in the house, how big the house is, and what the person or family wants. Every case is different, so some might take longer than others. It is best to have professional help with this so they know what they are doing.

To ensure you understand the expenditure associated with hoarding clean-out services, it is recommended to inquire about any applicable fees. This could include disposal costs and additional labour expenses. Contact The Junk Guys today for a free quote!

The cost of hoarding clean-out services can vary depending on many things. Depending on the house size and how many bags or boxes you need to get rid of will alter the price. Contact The Junk Guys to get an estimate for your project. We will provide you with an accurate quote that includes everything you need.

A team of professionals can help you with your hoarding project. They will look at the space, make a plan, and help you remove things you don’t want. They will also help you organize things and give you resources to keep the space clean. The Junk Guys can help with this process by picking up and disposing of unwanted items.

You might need a hoarding clean-out service if your home is so cluttered you can’t use it properly or if deciding what to keep and what to toss is too stressful. This service can be a big help if your home isn’t safe anymore because of too many items, or if it’s always messy no matter how hard you try to clean up. If you’re avoiding socializing or keeping family away because you’re embarrassed about how your home looks, a hoarding clean-out service might be a good idea for you. These services are there to help you sort out the clutter and make your home a comfortable and safe space again.

A hoarding clean-out service is a service that companies offer that helps people clean up their homes when there is too much stuff. The company will take away the things you do not want and help you organize the things you want to keep. The goal of this service is to help people who have too much stuff in their homes. The Junk Guys are a professional team of experts who can help you remove items from a hoarder’s home. They are trained to handle the unique challenges associated with hoarding and can provide a safe, respectful, and compassionate service.

During a hoarding junk removal project, The Junk Guys will come to the home or office and remove any unwanted junk or debris quickly and efficiently. Contact The Junk Guys for a free quote today.

Hoarding can become a safety issue when the accumulation of clutter and possessions creates hazardous conditions in the home such as tripping hazards, fire hazards, and health hazards. If the hoarding has reached a level where it blocks exits, creates narrow pathways, or blocks access to essential facilities such as the kitchen, bathroom, or sleeping area, it is considered a safety issue. The hoarding may also attract pests and rodents, leading to infestations and unsanitary conditions. When hoarding interferes with the daily functioning of the home and poses a risk to the well-being of the individuals living there, it is considered a safety issue and may require professional intervention.

Hoarding disorder becomes a problem when it significantly impacts one’s ability to live a normal life. This might mean that the person is unable to use their kitchen or bathroom because of the clutter, or that they are unable to leave their home because they are so overwhelmed by their possessions.

Hoarding disorder can be treated in a variety of ways, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, medication, and peer support. Many people with hoarding disorder find that a combination of therapies works best for them.

Hoarding is characterized by persistent difficulty parting with possessions that appear to be useless. Actively engaged in acquiring possessions and/or buying more things during partial cleaning; items discarded are often immediately replaced.