Appliance Removal FAQs

The Junk Guys offer the best solution for getting rid of your old refrigerator. Our professional junk removal team has the experience and equipment needed to safely and efficiently remove your unwanted appliance. We’ll take care of the entire process, from lifting the refrigerator out of your home to disposing of it in an environmentally responsible manner. With our commitment to customer satisfaction and expertise in removing large items, you can trust The Junk Guys to provide the best way to get rid of your old refrigerator. Contact us today to schedule your removal and enjoy a clean, clutter-free space.

The Junk Guys can help you dispose of a hot water tank. The Junk Guys are experts in junk removal and demolition waste. We can take care of all the heavy lifting and hot water tank disposal for you. Give us a call today to schedule a pick-up.

We can definitely take care of that for you. Junk Guys have the experience and equipment necessary to remove any type of hot tub or spa. We’ll get rid of it quickly and efficiently so you can start enjoying your newly cleared space.