Construction Site Cleanup 101: Everything You Need To Know

Construction isn’t child’s play. It involves complex pieces of equipment and years of know-how, meaning that only certified and licensed professionals can handle it. There are safety guidelines to be met, regulations to be followed, and standards to comply with.

One of the most involved parts of the construction process is post-construction cleanup. This is because homeowners are usually left to take care of the mess themselves.

Let’s see what the process entails, and how you can save yourself from the hassle of taking it on:

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What is post-construction cleanup?

Post-construction cleanup is a lot more complex than janitorial cleaning; it requires professional skills and attention and is very labour-intensive.

Post-construction cleanup entails getting rid of not only dust, but also rocky debris, stray adhesive, paint overspray, caulking residue, and asbestos.

Out of this list, asbestos is the biggest cause for concern. The material was historically used in construction for insulation.

Prolonged exposure to asbestos can lead to lung cancer, or even a rare lung disease called asbestosis. Make sure you’re not dealing with asbestos on your own-consult a junk removal and cleanup service instead.

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What does the process entail?

The first step is to get rid of the visible mess. This part is fairly easy. The cleanup specialist will clean up all the debris and dust, keeping safety in mind throughout the process. This step is known as rough cleaning.

Next up, they’ll clean the area with the help of environmentally-friendly and professional cleaning solutions. The walls and the floors of the adjacent rooms might need to be washed as well since dust travels from one room to another during construction work. They’ll also dust and mop all the
cabinetry, baseboards, floors, bathrooms, and glass surfaces.

Then, the specialist will have another go at cleaning, but this time, the process will be more thorough. After the visible pieces of debris have been picked up, the specialist then uses special power tools to extract dust from tiny crevices and cracks. All the hard-surface ceiling fan blades,
vents, grates, and lighting fixtures will also be cleaned inside out.

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