What Can’t You Put In Your Rented Dumpster Bin?

Whether you are remodelling your home or simply want to remove clutter from your house, you will likely have to rent a dumpster bin so that you can store all of your junk during the project. This is a great idea as it will allow you to get rid of the materials you no longer need and is the perfect solution if you are looking to use more of your space. While most items can be thrown into the rented dumpster bin, there are a few items that you cannot put inside, including the following:

Paints And Solvents

If you have leftover paint or solvent, you cannot throw them into the dumpster and will have to find another way of getting rid of them. Most homeowners have paint or other types of finish sitting around inside their garage, and if you want to throw them out, you will have to dispose of them properly because they contain harsh chemicals that can be very harmful if they make their way into our waterways.

Powerful Cleaning Agents

A lot of cleaning agents are harmful to the environment, so they cannot be thrown into the dumpster bin. This is especially true when it comes to cleaning agents that are not made of natural ingredients, so if you’re ready to throw these out, you will have to find a specific recycling site or disposal facility where you can dispose of them properly.

Automotive Fluids

Liquids that are used for vehicles should not be placed in rented dumpster bins because they too are harmful to the environment. This includes oil, transmission fluids and engine coolants, just to name a few examples. They contain similar hazards as paints and solvents and are harmful to the environment, so you need to find another alternative to dispose of these fluids.


These items should be disposed of at an e-waste facility because they are harmful, so they cannot be placed in dumpster bins. If you do throw them in your bin, the rental company will charge you a substantial fee because most places have banned electronic waste in landfills, and these items will have to be removed. All electronic waste must be disposed of or recycled properly.


This is another item that will have to be disposed of properly because they often contain mercury, SO you will have to find a facility that accepts used batteries as they will know how to get rid of them properly.

Most items are acceptable, but the ones mentioned above are hazardous to the environment and our health, so they must be disposed of differently. If you have any questions regarding the items that cannot be included, The Junk Guys can help, and we will provide you with all of the necessary information. We can help you with all of your junk removal needs, so If you are in Edmonton, contact us today!