Understanding Demolition Estimates Made Easy

Most of Us aren’t well-versed in evaluating demolition and construction costs. Unless you’ve previously had your property demolished, you’re likely to be unaware of how much various aspects of the project may cost. This makes understanding and reading an estimate even trickier.

understanding demolition estimates - The Junk Guys Edmonton demolition services

When you start off with your demolition project, you’ll be provided with an estimate by your contractor. To fully comprehend and tally this estimate, here’s what you should do.

Calculate the Cost of Labour

Start by calculating the labour cost for your demolition project. You can do this by asking your demolition contractor about their rates. For instance, do they charge hourly, daily, or have other means of evaluating labour costs? Depending on their rates, you can get an estimate of what the cost of labour will be for your project.

Assess the Cost of Materials

Next, look at the material cost for your project. Most residential or commercial demolitions don’t really involve many (or any) materials. However, there are exceptions in which you may need additional material, for example, in interior demolition projects. In this case, it’s best to have an estimate of the cost of materials that will be used for the project.

Ask your contractor to specify whether or not they’ll be including any replacement materials while they work on your project. These can include things like grass seed or topsoil that are used after the demolition. Similarly, if you plan on proceeding with further construction work at the demolition site, they may also include concrete or other construction materials.

Account for the Costs of Permits & Licenses

Before you can get started with your demolition project, you’ll need a permit authorizing the renovations you’re about to proceed with. Demolition contractors can typically pull this up for you, helping you avoid the process yourself. However, this brings forth additional costs that are then included in your demolition estimate.

The cost of a demolition license or permit varies depending on the area, as well as the type of project. Make sure you ask your contractor about permit costs when deriving an estimate. While most companies generally do include license and permit costs when drafting an estimate, this isn’t always the case. Confirm with your contractor whether these are included in the estimate or not so that they don’t emerge as hidden charges later on.

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