Things To Do Prior To Demolition Work

Major demolition work can be an exciting yet daunting part of a renovation project. You may be planning to clear a lot for something else, or perhaps you’re stripping a property down to the studs. Smashing down a building can be fun, but it requires careful planning, preparation and forethought to ensure a smooth and legal process. Here are some things you should add to your to-do list before your next demolition project.

Finalize A Plan

The first step of the demolition process is to discuss and create a customized plan with your contractors. Your demolition plan should detail the following:

  • Assessment of the materials used to build the original structure and how it was built
  • Determine if there are any potentially hazardous materials onsite
  • Gauge an appropriate time frame and check the weather this is often overlooked, but it is crucial for time-sensitive projects

Determine The Demolition Method

Deciding on the demolition will set your budget. You have several options:

  • Mechanical demolition this is the most common method where hydraulic excavators are used. It
    is also the cheapest and fastest option.
  • Deconstructionthe building is manually stripped section by section, and materials are salvaged
    for the next project instead of thrown away. Deconstruction is more expensive as it takes longer
    and requires manual work.

Get A Professional Inspection

Your contractor will inform you which inspection requirements are needed before demolition. Most inspections will include checking for asbestos, mould and rotting wood. If your inspector determines that there is asbestos, lead paint or other hazardous materials, be prepared for additional procedures for safe removal before demolition can occur.

Obtain A permit

Building permits are required to ensure your house meets the safety and inspector requirements.

Disconnect Services

Utilities such as electricity and gas must be disconnected from the property before demolition as they pose a hazard to workers.

Notify Neighbours

It’s a common courtesy to notify your neighbours about the upcoming noise and mess that’s about to happen next to their homes. The last thing you want is your neighbours complaining to the authorities about the debris and noise coming from your property.

Hire A Bin Rental

You’ll inevitably have lots of debris, steel, drywall, and other wood products on-site during demolition work. Unfortunately, these cannot be discarded in the regular garbage, and you’ll need to hire a bin rental to get rid of them properly.

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