Risky Business: How DIY Demolition Can Go Wrong

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “demolition”? Many people believe-wrongly -that demolition is an easy task; swing a hammer around a few times and break whatever is in sight, and it’s done.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Demolition is a difficult, involved process that should not be undertaken as a do-it-yourself project. When so much can go wrong, it’s far better to let a professional handle the process.

risky business how DIY demolition can go wrong - The Junk Guys Edmonton demolition services


You might end up spending more instead of less

Most DIY demolitions are carried out by people hoping to save money-but purchasing the tools and materials you might need for the job might end up costing you more than if the job was done by a professional.

If something goes wrong during the job and you have to end up calling a demolition specialist, you’d be charged a lot more to fix the damage than what the original job would have cost had you hired a specialist in the first place. Moreover, many demolition companies offer free quotes to clients, and some are immensely budget-friendly.

You could waste a lot of time

If you don’t have much experience with demolition work, the chances are that it’s going to take you quite some time. What you might think of as a casual two-day job could take you over a week.

Whether it’s a small-scale demolition of a shed or a garage or a larger-scale demolition of a house or building, demolition experts have the skills and tools available to ensure that the job is done timely and is of the highest quality.

You could get into legal trouble

The demolition of a structure requires permits that are a hassle to obtain. Professional demolition companies hire licensed professionals who are aware of all building laws. DIY demolition could give rise to property damage issues but if you hire demolition specialists with liability insurance, you can rest easy knowing that your demolition process is in full compliance with the law.

things you should know about demolition services - The Junk Guys Edmonton demolition services

You could get seriously hurt or injured

Demolition companies hire asbestos specialists if a structure contains asbestos. Protective equipment is also required during the demolition to make sure that no workers exhibit respiratory issues. Protective equipment is also required due to the dust that comes from the drywall.

Old structures sometimes contain lead, which could cause poisoning. Most people who carry out DIY demolitions don’t possess the equipment required for these sensitive demolition jobs, and could therefore end up severely hurt.

The bulky equipment required for demolitions, such as excavators and power tools, also requires a lot of skill to handle. In the hands of an amateur, they could compromise the integrity of the structure, causing its collapse.

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