How To Properly Dispose Of Electronics

We all inevitably end up with broken or outdated electronics that need to be replaced but getting rid of old electronics, or e-waste is not as simple as throwing it in the trash. Most electronics, including cell phones, TVs and laptops, contain harmful chemicals detrimental to the soil, air and water sources if not correctly disposed of. When we leave e-waste in a landfill, the chemicals tend to leach when water passes through, contaminating natural groundwater and becoming dangerous if it enters any drinking water resources.

So, if you have broken electronics sitting at home, here’s how you can get rid of them without risking your health and the environment.


We recommend donating outdated technology if possible. An old but functional computer that you do not need could be useful to an NGO or underprivileged students. Many organizations and charities have an electronics donation program that you can contribute to. You can also enquire your local government council, universities or schools about their donation programs.


As the old saying goes: one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. With sites like craigslist and eBay, getting rid of your old electronics has never been easier. You can also take your outdated technology to an electronic shop to sell for parts or hold a good old garage sale.


Some electronic companies have an exchange policy to take back your old products when you buy a new version. Sometimes they even give you a discount on your new purchase!


If you cannot donate, sell or trade your old electronics, you can take them to a recycling centre. Just check to make sure they accept electronics! Workers at a recycling plant will break the electronics apart into their base components by hand. These components are further broken down into their raw materials, such as glass, plastic and metals, which are then put back into the manufacturing chain for new products. Other hazardous substances are handled and removed responsibly to protect both the workers and the environment.

How About Batteries?
Different types of batteries require different ways of disposal. Alkaline batteries, which is the most common type of household battery, can be safely disposed of with regular trash. However, car batteries and lithium batteries are not safe in landfills. Take them to a local electronics recycling center or look for designated bins at local electronics stores.

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