How to Prepare For a Bathroom Demolition

Maybe it was a cracked tub, broken tiles, or just the urge to have a sleeker, newer bathroom that pushed you over the edge, if you’ve decided to get your bathroom demolished, you’re in the right place.

While it may not be the safest course of action to go through a do-it-yourself bathroom demolition, you can definitely prepare for it yourself. There’s a lot more work involved than meets the eye.

how to prepare for a bathroom demolition - The Junk Guys Edmonton Junk Removal Services

Get a free quote from reputed demolition specialists

Many demolition companies offer free quotes for structures that need to be demolished. Make sure you hire an experienced, well-reputed company with certified employees that suits your needs.

The costs of bathroom remodeling vary greatly, and the right specialists will offer you a budget friendly, high-quality job, and could end up saving you more money than you have thought possible.

Rent a bin

Waste management companies often offer bin rental services. Setting up a new bathroom means tearing the old one down–and between tiles, the toilet, and general debris, you’re going to be swamped with junk. At The Junk Guys, the first ton of dry landfill material removal is free.

Clean everything out

Clear out your medicine cupboard and any other shelves in the bathroom. Donate anything that might not be of use to you, and do your best to de-clutter.

Takedown anything on the wall

Remove all mirrors and lightweight cabinets from the wall, especially if you’re planning on including them in your renovated bathroom. They could be susceptible to damage while the demolition is being carried out.

preparing for a bathroom renovation The Junk Guys Edmonton Junk Removal Services

Make sure all utilities are turned off

Before any demolition work begins, all utilities need to be turned off. The circuit breaker for your bathroom needs to be switched off to ensure that no one working on the demolition suffers electric shocks. The water supply needs to be turned off as well. To avoid any messes, drain the water left in your faucets after the water supply has been turned off. Flush the toilet to drain it too.

Sit back and leave the rest to us

We’ll do all the heavy lifting required from here on. We can tear out the sink, pull the toilet out, remove the tiles, and extract the bathtub. We’ll also do a complete cleanup once the demolition is over to ensure that there are no hazards left behind in the form of dust, rubble, or glass.

The Junk Guys is a waste management and demolition services company based in Edmonton. If you need a bathroom or any part of your residential or commercial property demolished, reach out to us through our website or call us at (780) 695-4226.