How Junk Removal Can Be Eco-Friendly

Cleaning up decades-old toys, damaged furniture, and other stuff in your home storage can be an overwhelming and tiring task. You have been accumulating all those items for years and you can’t get rid of them without professional help. Here are some items that a junk removal service can help you deal with in an eco-friendly manner.


Your Old Furniture

Your damaged furniture can be recycled. While you may just want to toss away your old couch or drag it out on the curb hoping someone might purchase it, a junk removal company will come pick it up from your home and dispose it off according the state regulations. Whether it’s an old sofa set, footboard, a cupboard, or a dining set a junk removal service will know of environmentally-friendly methods to deal with every piece of furniture.


Home Appliances

How Junk Removal Can Be Eco Friendly The Junk Guys Edmonton Junk Removal Services

Home appliances, such as a toaster or a refrigerator, may significantly add to landfills if they are not disposed of properly. Many of these appliances are manufactured using hazardous chemicals and other toxic materials that may lead to air pollution and environmental damage.


Electronic Waste

Electronic waste (E-waste) has gained significant attention from the authorities during the past decade because of its detrimental effects on human health, animals, and marine life.

Putting these items up for sale on your curb isn’t a good idea because of the toxic chemicals they contain. If you really want to get rid of your TV set or another electronic item, get them picked by a professional junk removal service. If it’s in a good condition, they will donate it to charity organizations. They won’t just dispose of them into the landfills; they’ll make sure they are delivered to the authorities that will recycle them or salvage them according to state environmental safety standards.


Mattress Removal

how can junk removal be eco friendly - The Junk Guys Edmonton Junk Removal Services

Do you want to throw away your old mattress because of broken springs popping out of it or pest infestations? Or do you just want to upgrade to a better mattress that can help you’re your back pain? In any case, you’ll have to deal with your old mattress disposal and there’s always a sustainable way to go about it.

You might have already planned to pull the mattress out to your home’s curb, but we’d urge you to drop it. A local trash collection in your area may not be aware of the state-regulated procedures of mattress disposal and it may just become another addition in the landfills. This is why it’s ideal to call waste removal services that specialize in mattress removal.

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