3 Junk Removal Mistakes You Should Avoid at All Costs

Junk removal may look like a fairly simple and easy process to some people. However, homeowners, businesses, realtors, and property managers may end up making several mistakes when it comes to dealing with waste.

According to research, the United States is producing over 624,000 metric tons of waste every day-with each person generating 38.4 pounds in a day. And the fact that these statistics are estimated to grow to a whopping 3.4 billion tons of waste generated by the year 2050, makes it extremely important now for people in the United States to adopt correct junk removal practices.

Junk Removal Mistakes - The Junk Guys Edmonton Junk Removal Services

It will lead to a significant reduction in US landfills that are expected to run out of space in the next 18 years, at the current rate of waste production.

In light of these statistics, here are some junk removal mistakes that you must avoid to, play your part in making the world a better place.


Putting Your Trash on Fire

Burning trash is a very common junk removal mistake that isn’t just hazardous for human beings, but also to animals and the environment. It is a major contributor to air pollution and can result in a number of health conditions, such as cardiac and pulmonary illnesses. It’s best to hire a waste
removal company instead of putting yourself, others, and the environment at risk.


Dumping Trash Illegally

Three Junk Removal Mistakes To Avoid - The Junk Guys Edmonton Junk Removal Services


Though it’s illegal to dump junk without following proper channels and procedures, many people in the United States are still involved in the practice. One reason why people may do this is that they don’t have access to a local trash collection system.

Their trash may include everything from plastic items to electronic appliances (E-waste) that don’t decompose naturally and keep adding to the landfills. The harmful effects of hazardous waste don’t just affect life on land, but also under the sea. According to a report, every year almost
18 billion pounds of plastic waste ends up in the oceans.

Illegal dumping will definitely save you some time, but it’s certainly not worth putting every living being’s life at risk.


Failing to Pick the Right Edmonton Waste Removal Company

We appreciate the fact that you’ve hired a waste management service to deal with your daily household and commercial waste-however, that’s not enough. You need to make sure that the company is licensed, certified, and well-versed with your state’s waste management regulations.
This is important to ensure that your waste removal service provider adopts sustainable and environmental friendly practices to dump and recycle whatever trash they collect from you.

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