Junk Removal Edmonton

Site Cleanup is a Job Best Left to the Pros

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A bit of hammering and construction here and there can give your home an entirely new look and boost its visual appeal. But how would you deal with all the mess—dirt, debris, stones, wiring, and whatnot—that’s left on your property after the technicians leave? You cannot even clean it yourself because it can lead to injuries and exposure to toxic …


3 Junk Removal Mistakes You Should Avoid at All Costs

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Junk removal may look like a fairly simple and easy process to some people. However, homeowners, businesses, realtors, and property managers may end up making several mistakes when it comes to dealing with waste. According to research, the United States is producing over 624,000 metric tons of waste every day—with each person generating 38.4 pounds in a day. And the fact …

Junk Removal Can Be Eco-Friendly

How Junk Removal Can Be Eco-Friendly

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Cleaning up decades old toys, damaged furniture, and other stuff in your home storage can be an overwhelming and a tiring task. You have been accumulating all those items for years and you can’t get rid of them without professional help. Here are some items that a junk removal service can help you deal with in an eco-friendly manner. Your …

Estate Clean-out

Pro Tips for Your Estate Clean-out

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An estate clean out is usually a difficult process because you’re unhappy still grieving about losing a loved one. During this time, it’s critical to your well being that you take your time to settle before you begin the estate clean-out. If you have the responsibility of cleaning out the place where someone your deceased loved one once lived, it’s normal …